Former ‘Shadow Team’ Leader, James Ehmer, Is Hiding In… The Shadows

When you get the urge to try something new, you tend to stick to businesses close to home; simply out of convenience. Sometimes you don’t research certain businesses enough to know that they aren’t on the up and up. There are also instances where people or business, are that good at manipulating people, that the only way to learn, is the hard way.

This brings us to James Ehmer, a now former gym owner in Houston. You can check out this blog post to get a first hand account of what a crook and snake, James Ehmer is…. Long story short, he has manipulated plenty of individuals in the Spring, Tx area (and I’m sure other cities as well), and it seems his reign of being a conniving dick, has come to an end.

Professor Travis Tooke, head instructor of Team Tooke, in which Ehmer was formerly an associate of, went online to sever ties with Ehmer, mainly because he claimed to remain under Tooke far after he was expelled.

Five Rings MMA: Shadow Team in Spring, TX has officially closed. If you go by the gym you will find an eviction notice addressed to Team Tooke MMA, not Five Rings MMA. There is a simple explanation for this. The owner, who is NOT affiliated with Team Tooke in any manner, used my schools name when I made it clear that he was not allowed to do so.

I tried to contact the landlord for the Five Rings MMA location to have my name removed from the eviction notice but was unsuccessful in reaching him. I will try again tomorrow. I just wanted to make a statement so that there is no confusion about that school being a Team Tooke Academy. I can assure you that it is not, and has not been for 14 months.

– Travis Tooke’s Facebook

Just before closing the gym, without notifying any of his staff or students (I guess he ran out of lies to tell), he decided to unleash a barrage of derogatory messages to people who trusted and believed in him; this was a way to throw the scent of being evicted off from everyone. There are 5 year-old kids who are devastated by his actions. These kids who will no longer be able to train with their friends. Here’s some screen shots of messages that were exchanged between Ehmer and former students:

Calling out students? What a jabronie (The Iron Sheik’s voice). James Ehmer, I challenge you to a dual, once I figure out what you look like… Now I need to know what this guy looks like. He probably looks like the Shadow Master from Double Dragon. (You young cats don’t know about that; it’s the main picture.)

If anyone affected by James Ehmer, and need help finding a new gym, please contact me.

7 replies on “Former ‘Shadow Team’ Leader, James Ehmer, Is Hiding In… The Shadows”

  • He stole 3,600 from me when I partnered with him with his clothing line – I took him to court and won but he never paid any of it back. It is accruing interest now though.

  • He has been scamming and stealing for years..I have known him well over a decade. But he usually squirms his way out of it. His family will come to his rescue and bail him out..he will never have to face any consequences. He never does. Sorry for you guys.

  • Thanks for exposing this pathetic piece of shit, Mike. Came across as a mentor, and genuine nice person who cared about my son’s exposure as a productive citizen and being able to protect himself and others, which was our goal. I got a monthly bill, screwed up credit, a closed school, broken promises and a young child I had to give a life lesson on what a liar and cheat will do for money. James, what goes around comes around and I’m glad you’ve been evicted. You don’t deserve it. I hope you loose everything your lies paid for. I don’t wish you death but hope you end up living in a ditch begging for a cock to suck so you can have a hot meal. This is what you get when you don’t care about honest people who only want to better themselves or their family. Bad luck…..Bitch.

  • About time someone tore this guy a new ASSHOLE because that is what James is, way to go Mike!! I too was a victim of MR James Ehmer and to this day am still trying to get my credit fixed because of his bullshit lies”!! Tried to be a nice guy and let James make right but he basically told me to #$%# off!! Hey James, told you that KARMA IS A MOTHER #*$&%*. Hope u get everything coming to u!!! Way to tell it like it is Mike!!

  • I canceled my contract with James within my 30 days and he was suppose to take care of it. But he has not and the third party company that takes his payments have turned me into collection. He is a liar and a crook. Do not go to his Gym ever. He seems really nice at first but it is just a front. You can never get a hold of this guy.

  • Mike, I’m one of the team members affected by James at 5 rings and in the photos in your blog above. I shot you an email.

    Hit me up if you can!

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