Don’t Say Goodnight to The Bad Guy

There’s been a lot of speculation around whether or not Jose Aldo will indeed defend his title against Conor McGregor, July 11th in Vegas. Some whack jobs have gone as far as to say Aldo is scared of McGregor and is looking for a reason to pull out, while others think this has to do with the weird drug test situation Aldo found himself in a couple of weeks ago. Let’s all settle down folks, trust me, Aldo wants this fight. First off, I agree that McGregor is a talented fighter, and knows how to sell a fight as good as any American gangster from West Lynn, Oregon. I also think he has a real shot of winning, just like the bookies who now have McGregor as a favorite since the announcement of the rib injury Aldo suffered.

Do I see McGregor walking in there and easily taking the belt away from one of the most dominant champs in UFC history? Absolutely not. Last time Aldo lost was in 2005, I had a shaved head and was probably in some kind of drunken argument outside of a bar with my then girlfriend, possibly reciting Emenim lyrics to her. Aldo has beat everyone there is to beat at featherweight, dude grew up in a favela in Brazil, trust me when I say, he is NOT scared to fight McGregor. He may be afraid to lose, but isn’t every fighter? This fight will be Aldo’s biggest payday, and I don’t think he’s scared of money.

Aldo wins either way July 11th. Whether it’s by going in there and beating McGregor and taking the belt back to Brazil, or by cashing out on that big time “UFC screw you money”. McGregor win because he will be cashing out on his biggest payday so far, although I don’t think it will be his biggest yet.

Because we all know of a prior rib injury, we have some doubt if Aldo is defeated. What’s the best way to get rid of any doubt that the rib injury was the reason Aldo lost? Have a rematch when he is healthy. A rematch that sells even more tickets, and even more pay per views, and brings people to one place from all over the world to watch these guys fight again. A rematch that could possibly be in one of those fancy soccer stadiums McGregor has talked of fighting in.

Unless that rib injury takes a turn for the worse in the next couple weeks, (which I don’t think will happen because Aldo will probably be nursing his ribs) this fight WILL happen. If by chance it doesn’t happen on the 11th, we will all be just as excited to watch these two fight at the end of the year when Aldo is 100%. How amazing would the build up for that fight be if they coached against each other on The Ultimate Fighter? Might even make that show watchable again.

Want to know who I’m picking for this fight? Stay on the lookout for a Pinche’s Picks UFC 189 edition.

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