Video: Roger Mayweather Tells Girls They Have Fat Asses, Gets Pepper Sprayed

Most people don’t know shit about… getting pepper sprayed?

Roger Mayweather was a famous champion fighter in his own right who went on to train Floyd for some of his biggest bouts … and worked in Floyd’s camp for the Pacquiao fight.

In the video, which we’re told was shot on March 14th in a discount shop in Vegas … the 54-year-old admits he was blasted with mace … and vows revenge on the woman who did it.

Sources connected to the incident tell us … Roger had approached two women and began to hit on them … saying they had “fat asses.”

But we’re told the women weren’t having it … and tried to tell him to leave. When Roger pressed on … one pulled out the pepper spray, fired on him, and ran out of the store.

Roger needs to just leave the young tenderonies alone. They’re causing him more problems that he doesn’t need.

h/t BSO

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