Video: Carlos Condit Destroys Thiago Alves’ Nose In His Return

Carlos Condit suffered a severe ACL injury that has kept him out of action for over a year. His return fight was against Thiago Alves, in Brazil. In the fight, Condit showed that he’s still able to compete, and why he’s called the “Natural Born Killer”.

The first round was more of a feeling out process for Condit, while Alves attacked the leg. In the second round, Condit opened up with his strikes, landing nose breaking elbows. Blood from Alves’ nose was everywhere. At the end of the round, the doctor would end up stopping the fight so no more damage would be done to Alves’ nose.

After a successful return to the octagon, what’s next for Carlos. He didn’t call anyone out specifically, but many fans on social media are calling for a fight with Matt Brown.

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