Fury 6 Recap

Fury Fighting Championship returned to the Humble Civic Center this past Friday, for Fury FC 6. There was tons of action throughout the night, out of the 11 scheduled fights, only two went to the judges.

The first three fights were amateur fights, and all three ended in the first round. Jared Clark earned his first win in the cage via triangle choke over David McAdams, and Yan Digilov submitted Josh Rodriguez with a rear-naked choke. After dropping two weight classes to make his debut in the bantamweight division, Gustavo Gomez was welcomed with a violent head kick KO from Steven Vera.

The first pro fight of the night was Randy McCullough and Daniel Turner. McCullough stayed on the gas the entire fight. While McCullough landed some punches on the ground, Turner almost locked in a couple of armbars, but was able to escape both. In the second round, McCullough was able to finish the fight with his own armbar.

The next fight had two fighters looking to earn their first win. Dominic Rodriguez used his experience and old man strength, to earn a decision over John Haydon. Rodriguez, at the great age of 45, was able to control most of the fight in the clinch and on the ground. Haydon reversed several positions, but didn’t do enough in the judge’s eyes.

After suffering defeat for the first time as a pro or amateur, Adrian Yanez was looking to rebound against Jake Snyder, who was making his pro debut. Yanez was content with stalking Snyder for the first round, but when the 10-second clapper went off, so did Yanez. He landed a right hand that floored Snyder. Snyder was able to survive the round, but was unable to answer the bell to the second round.

Next, Rocky Long took on James ‘Tank’ Gonzales, and if you know ‘Tank’, you do not want to get hit with one of those bombs. Rocky Long used experience and his grappling to negate the hard-hitting Gonzales, and get the submission victory in the second with a bulldog/rear-naked choke.

Angelo Anzaldua was never able to get into the fight with Ray Blodget. Blodget used superior footwork and out kickboxed Anzalda for two and a half rounds. In the final frame, Blodget landed a left hook that floored Anzalda, quickly bouncing back up, ate a straight left, and then more punches on the ground. Anzalda looked to contest the stoppage, but the ref had seen enough.

Sage Northcutt was back in the cage less than one month from his last fight, and this time, had his chin tested. Devin Christopherson was able to land a right hand that put Northcutt on the canvas, and also cut him above the left eye. Northcutt showed heart and was able to recover, before eventually getting the fight to the ground and delivering some violent ground and pound. Northcutt earning his third win as a pro, second in less than a month.

The co-main event was the fight many around Houston were there to see and the fight many were talking about. Former training partners, Chris Lopez and Levi West have bad blood (Rev Bart voice), and were looking to see who was the better fighter. West got the better of Lopez on the feet early on, while Lopez was able to close the distance and control the clench and secure takedowns. In the second round, there was a pair of ball shots administered by Lopez, although Lopez says the second was a legal kick to the thigh; a point was deduction. West was able to do severe damage to Lopez’s left eye from his strikes, the doctor would have to check to make sure he was able to continue, and thankfully so for Lopez. He would land a left hand that would hurt West, and would eventually lead to a TKO victory.

The main event featured hometown, Ricky Turcios, taking on Dallas’ Tristan Grimsley. This fight had action from bell to bell, but it was Turcios who was able to grit out the win over Grimsley. Ricky secured takedowns, and dominant grappling positions throughout the fight. At one point, Ricky was riding the back of Grimsley, and Grimsley dove forward, face planting Ricky on the ground, Ricky never gave up the back. The fight ended with both guys standing in front of each other, exchanging blows.

Complete Results:

Jared Clark def. David McAdams via Submission (Triangle Choke) – Rd 1

Yan Digilov def. Josh Rodriguez via Submission (Rear-naked Choke) – Rd 1

Steven Vera def. Gustavo Gomez via KO (Head Kick) – Rd 1 (KOTN)

Randy McCullough def. Daniel Turner via Submission (Armbar) – Rd 1

Dominic Rodriguez def. John Haydon via Unanimous Decision

Adrian Yanez def. Jake Snyder via TKO – :10 of Rd 2

Rocky Long def. James Gonzales via Submission (Bulldog Choke) – Rd 2 (SOTN)

Ray Blodgett def. Angelo Anzaldua via TKO – Rd 3

Sage Northcutt def. Devin Christopherson via TKO – Rd 1

Chris Lopez def. Levi West via TKO – Rd 3

Ricky Turcios def. Tristan Grimsley via Unanimous Decision (FOTN)

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