UPDATED: Ronda Rousey’s Biography Banned For Walmart

Hold on, what?

When I first saw this mentioned on my Twitter timeline, I thought it was some joke; MMA Roasted was the first person I saw. But then I see it on The UG. Walmart said they would not carry Ronda Rousey’s biography because they deemed it too violent. This is the same company that sales guns, movies, violent toys, etc., but can’t carry a book about a fighter?

Don’t get me wrong, I frequent Walmart, it’s a place that you can get in and out with just about anything you need. But this is also the place that has a site called “People of Walmart”, where it blast and makes fun of the lower end of the evolution ladder.

Walmart — the largest seller of guns and ammo in the country — is refusing to sell a book by cage-fighting cutie Ronda Rousey on the grounds that she’s too violent.

“My Fight/Your Fight” (due May 12 from Regan Arts) has pre-sold thousands of copies at Barnes & Noble, and the ravishing Rousey is already booked on “Good Morning America,” “CBS This Morning” and other shows. But the mouth-breathers at Walmart will be denied.

“I’m shocked, shocked to discover that censorship is going on in America!” snarked publisher Judith Regan.

Rousey, the UFC 135-pound bantamweight champ, will grow even bigger — figuratively — with her appearances in “Furious 7,” which opened Friday, and the “Entourage” movie, coming in June.

UPDATE: Someone from the publishing house, or Ronda’s circle, tried to pull a fast over the public. Walmart is actually running a pre-order for the book. This could have been a way to let people know there is a book coming out, because this, no one knew there was a biography coming out. Well played.

h/t The UG & PageSix.com

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