Fury 5 Recap

210 Kapones in San Antonio, hosted Fury Fighting Championship 5. The card featured 3 amateur fights and 8 professional. The first 3 fights ended in a finish. The night starting off with Sha Whittington and Cassandra Spatz, ended in 35 seconds. Spatz would get the TKO victory in her amateur debut. Steve Martinez versus Carlos Melara started with both fighters throwing heat, but Martinez would get Melara to the ground and armbar him in 1:21 in the first round. The final amateur fight made it to the third round. In a striker vs. grappler match, Gomez was able to land some big shots and control Guenther on the feet. But once the fight hit the ground, Guenther was dominant. In the third round, Gomez attempted to secure a North/South Choke. But Guenther was able to reverse the position by throwing his legs above both of their heads, and secure the back and the rear-naked choke.

The first three pro fights ended in finishes as well. In the fourth fight, after eating a huge body kick from Chris Kuntschik, Ruben Martinez got the takedown, locked in an arm triangle, and got the sub; all in the first round. Garrett Scott finished Gabe Carillo with strikes late in the first round, but only after landing a bunch of answered punches. After his win, Garrett had one of the most lengthy post fight celebrations, ever. There was some jumping and double hammer fisting the canvas, there was some almost grave digging, a la Tito Ortiz, and he repeated it; he was very happy about this win. Ray Rodriguez caught Javier Obregon in a sneaky armbar, after some solid exchanges on the feet.

The first heavyweight fight of the night, was also the first fight to go to a decision. Kyle Keeney and Juan Torres had a lot of clinching and inside fighting. Keeney took more chances between the two, throwing spinning back fist and superman punches. It seemed as if the volume of offense is what earned Keeney the decision win. It took Dimitre Ivy half a round to defeat Travonne Hobbs. After some range finding, Ivy would get the takedown, and eventually mount lock in rear-naked choke. Fabio Trindade came back from severe damage he suffered early in the fight. Tank Gonzales landed a bomb on Trindade, which seemed like the fight was close to being over. But while trying to finish on the ground, Trindade would catch Tank in a triangle choke/armbar submission. The co-main event lasted on 1:20. After a brief exchange, which somewhere in there Ruiz’s head was split open, Matt Mooney relentlessly through up several armbar attempts until one eventually landed.

The main event was a heavyweight bout between Jeremy Hardy and Richard Odoms. Hardy came out strong, getting takedowns, and even taking the back, but Odoms would reverse the position and take top control. By the second round, Odoms’ experience came out and he seemed to take control of the action. By the time the third round started, both fighters seemed to be slowing down. Most of the round was fought in the clinch. The fight would go to the judges, and Odoms would earn the split decision.

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