Video: Darker Version of the Power Rangers Hits The Web

Growing up, I was a huge fan of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, I had all kinds of collectibles. I believe the last version of the Power Rangers I watched were the ninjas; I guess it lost it’s appeal. I tried watching some of the original episodes as an adult, they were comical at best.

Movie producer, Adi Shankar, who is known for his previous work such as the revamped and dark version of Dredd, has decided to put his own take on films; he calls them “bootlegs”. Shankar bootleged Power Rangers by making a darker version of it, a rated R version so to speak. Check out Shankar’s version of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.

Since the video has been out, Haim Saban, who owns the rights to the MMPR franchise and is producing his own MMPR film with Lionsgate, is trying his best to get all video sites to pull down the video; he was able to get Vimeo to pull it down.

No clue what will happen with all of this, but I for sure like the “bootleg” version of the Power Rangers. It’s like my childhood has grown up.


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