Rashid Abdullah Gets Choked Out Then Goes To Jail

One of the most anticipated matches on the Fury 4 card was the rematch between Rashid Abdullah and Alex Morono. In their first meeting, Abdullah bit Morono during the fight, which resulted in Abdullah being disqualification and suspended indefinitely by TDLR. The suspension didn’t last long, he was fighting four months later.

The rematch ended with Alex Morono winning by triangle choke in the first round, but it wasn’t until after the fight did things heat up.

As a professional fighter, you sign a contract to fight for a promotion. Rashid Abdullah, being a professional fighter, and I use that loosely in reference to him, agreed to the terms of the contract and signed his name. Unable to fulfill his end of the contract, Fury FC promoters penalized him by docking his purse. Upset that he was only being paid $1, Abdullah became irate with Fury FC promoters. When attempting to restrain Abdullah, he yelled out “I’m fixin [sic] to get my gun.” Moments later, Abdullah blindsided Fury FC promoter, Jace Pitre, by hitting him in the face. Abdullah was immediately subdued by bystanders, including undefeated MMA fighter, AJ Hoffman. Abdullah was arrested, and charges will be pressed.

Rashid Abdullah was able to squeak by and return to MMA after biting Alex Morono in their first meeting, sucker punching a promoter should earn him a lifetime ban from combative sports all together. There is no place for a low life like Rashid Abdullah in our sport. I hope TDLR stands by their suspension.

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