Sammy “The Bull” Looking To Shine In 2015

Friday night at the Bayou Music Center, Legacy Fighting Championship will be putting on their inaugural Legacy Kickboxing card. Fighters such as Cosmo Alexandre, Pat Barry, and Michael Corley, are just a few that will be helping Legacy start off 2015 with a bang.

Not only is this the first kickboxing card for Legacy, it is also their first ProAm. Texas has changed the rules and will now allow fight cards with both professional and amateur bouts. This will give fans a chance to see some of the upcoming talent in the amateur division, including Sam “The Bull” Mongonia. Mongonia has collected a list of belts in Muay Thai over the last two years, and had a very impressive 2014. Mongonia is becoming one of the best amateur fighters not only in Texas, but in America. I caught up with “The Bull” to see how he feels about his upcoming fight with Aaron Lehenbauer.

Mark Carrillo: How excited are you to fight on the very first Legacy Kickboxing card?

Sam Mongonia: Man, super honored and excited to be on this card! Especially since it is the very first one! One thing I can say about Mick and Legacy, is go big or go home. Total props to them to bring in some of the best fighters in the world.

Carrillo: You were originally booked to fight Dulani Perry, but he had to pull from the fight due to an injury. There seemed to be a little friction between the two of you guys. How pumped were you to get to settle your differences with him?

Mongonia: No man I could really care less. (Laughing) He talks a lot and just happened to talk about the wrong gym, I have nothing against the guy. He just needs to watch out who he is disrespecting. I gave him his chance at the spotlight though, he said he’s the best and I’m in it to fight the best.

Carrillo: Aaron Lehenbauer has agreed to step in for Perry and fight you at 150lbs. How much do you know about your new opponent, and will the change of opponent change your game plan?

Mongonia: I don’t know a lot about the guy, but he won the TBA Class A in 2013, which is the largest tournament in the US and Canada; and I just won it in 2014.

Carrillo: You have put together a very impressive Muay Thai record of 12-3. Tell us about all the title you picked up in 2014.

Mongonia: My accomplishments as of December 2014 are, Legacy FC Muay Thai Champion, Muay Thai Kingdom Welterweight Champion, TBA Muay Thai Classic 2013 Men’s Welterweight Silver Medalist, TBA Muay Thai Classic 2014 Men’s Welterweight Champion, StriKing 2014 Men’s Welterweight Champion, and represented the United States at The 2014 IFMA World Muay Thai Games.

Carrillo: 2014 was a pretty busy year for you. Can we expect the same from you in 2015?

Mongonia: Yeah, I’m excited about 2015! Going to be fighting for The IFMA trials, hopefully I will be fighting in Brazil. Also, I will be fighting at the TBA again and the WKA and StriKing. I plan on 2015 being my time to shine!

Carrillo: Between training and coaching, you seem to spend most of your time at the gym. What’s your training schedule like going into a fight camp?

Mongonia: To tell you the truth, I get up at 4:30 am to be at the gym by 5:00 am to do a private lesson. I train until 7:00 am then head to my 8-5 job, then back to the gym until about 8pm. If you want it, you have to go get it!

Carrillo: What part of your game have you improved the most on since this time last year?

Mongonia: Well, they don’t call me “The Bull” for nothing! I would say this year, taking less damage and being smarter in the ring.

Carrillo: what is your prediction for this fight with Lehenbauer?

Mongonia: Let’s just say it’s going to be a good one!

Carrillo: What is next for “The Bull”?

Mongonia: Real talk. Ice cream and cake! Hahaha!

Carrillo: Who all would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

Mongonia: My wife and daughter for putting up with me. And my work Sealweld for putting up with me. Of course my brothers and coaches Nethaneel Mongonia, Uriel Figueroa. Jaime Lazcano and Jeff Messina for this fight camp! Jennifer Guerrero for pushing me and running with me all the time. My boy Mike Bronzoulis for pushing me in training, and my whole Revolution Team. Also my 5am team that will run and train in the cold, rain, or shine. My sponsors Muay Thai Addict, In Fight Style, Spring Branch Honda, Mas Branding (Public Relations & Marketing),, Matamoras Meat Market, and my marketing manager Melissa Huezo. And my church Faith Assembly.

The LK 1 main card will air live on AXS TV. Don’t miss out on the inaugural Legacy Kickboxing card. You can follow along for updates from Mike “The Truth” Jackson on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Jan 16.

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