Michael Corley Looking To Even Things Up At LK 1

When you think of what fighters you want to see on the first Legacy Kickboxing card, Michael Corley is definitely a names that comes to mind. The guy has traveled the world in search of men to punch, kick, knee, and elbow; all while learning from some of the best in the world. Now sharing his knowledge at Houston Muay Thai with the help of Kru Bob Perez, it only made sense to put him on the LK 1 card. Corley will face Marco Pique in a rematch that will have fans on the edge of their seats. I caught up with Corley before he steps into the ring this Friday at The Bayou Music Center.

Mark Carrillo: How excited are you to be part of the very first Legacy Kickboxing card?

Michael Corley: It’s great that it’s here in Houston and featuring true international top talent.

Carrillo: You have fought all around the world, how does that compare to being able to fight in your hometown?

Corley: I haven’t fought Muay Thai or kickboxing in the US since 2007-2008, but it’s great to fight with the crowd behind you. To fight in your hometown is also good because you know where everything is regarding food, running trails, gym access etc.

Carrillo: Your opponent, Marco Pique, is a very experienced fighter as well. This fight has all the right ingredients for an amazing fight. How do you see it going Friday night?

Corley: It’s a rematch, he got the best of me in his home Paramaribo, Suriname in 2011; now we are fighting at my home. It’s going to be a great match, he and I have a crowd pleasing style.

Carrillo: You have always coached at different gyms and always pushed for Muay Thai to gain popularity in Houston. After a few successful shows in 2014, and the opening of your gym, Houston Muay Thai, do you feel you are finally succeeding in spreading the sport?

Corley: We still have a long way to go. Those Muay Thai Kingdom are extremely hard to put together because the talent pool is so small. So I’ll keep putting on sparring nights, MTK, and seminars and hopefully it continues to grow.

Carrillo: After stepping in the ring so many times is there still some nervousness before a fight?

Corley: I’m always nervous, but a good nervous; I like to just relax. This is a big show, hometown, rematch, I’ll probably be a little more amped.

Carrillo: What’s your motivation to wake up everyday and train? What makes you step into that ring?

Corley: To fight the best in the world. My motivation for this fight is to just fight world class Muay Thai or kickboxing in Houston.

Carrillo: What is next for you after this fight?

Corley: Keep promoting Muay Thai and kickboxing. Keep building my school HoustonMuayThai.com.

Carrillo: Who all would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

Corley: Lou Savarese, Bobby Benton, Bob Perez, and Houston Muay Thai.

Tune in to AXSTV Friday night for the inaugural Legacy Kickboxing card! If you can’t make it out, you can follow along for updates from Mike “The Truth” Jackson on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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