We’ve All Been Punk’d! The UFC Signs CM Punk

The UFC came out this past Saturday at UFC 181, and dropped a bomb on us when they announced the signing of seven time world champion CM Punk. I was expecting the UFC to announce that they had no announcement, kind of like the Time Is Now press conference. Punk’s signing was supposed to be the big announcement that day, but there was some sort of hold up. The announcement of Punk’s signing was a huge shocker to everyone. Punk’s record as a fighter is at an undefeated 0-0. Fans do not understand the meaning of this, especially when fighters like Ben Askren, as well as other experienced fighters with better records, are dying for a shot at the UFC. It’s obvious that this happened for one reason, and that reason has little to do with talent and a lot to do with business.

Let’s face it, whether we like the decision or not, the UFC will throw Punk on a pay-per-view card. Win or lose, he’s going to bring in PPV buys that the UFC needs after coming off a 2014 where their profits are down an estimated 40%. I feel bad for the fighters who have been busting their ass day in and day out at the gym, fighting whoever they put in front of them, just for a chance to be an undercard fight in the UFC. I feel for the fighters in the UFC who will be looked over and paid less than Punk, the ones that train and fight injured because their family depends on that fight check. Unfortunately for them, the bottom line is that no fighter inside or outside the UFC at this moment (unless Brock comes out retirement), can “move the needle” like Punk can. And with profits going down and 45 events planned for 2015 they need that needle to move like the needle on Cejudo’s bathroom scale.

Punk does have a Kempo and BJJ background, but that doesn’t mean he can fight. He’s 36 years old, and doesn’t know what weight class he will fight in because he has never cut weight. It doesn’t matter how far they dig, it will be hard to find an opponent for him that doesn’t have more experience. The odds are definitely stacked against Punk, but that doesn’t mean he will be unsuccessful. Even if he gets his ass kicked inside the first minute of the first round, he will be paid well for his efforts, and so will the UFC. The UFC is pulling out the big guns for 2015 to get their numbers up. Anderson Silva is back, so is Nick Diaz, the signing of Punk, and an open invitation to Brock Lesnar who’s WWE contract is up in April. So, if your mind is blown now, just wait until Punk, Brock, and Anderson Silva fight on the same night and break the internet.

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