Video: Kim Jong-un death scene from ‘The Interview’ Leaks

When I heard movie theaters were cancelling the screening of “The Interview”, I was a little upset. I had my passes ready to go watch a Seth Rogan Comedy.

Not to say that nothing would have happened, but to give in to terrorist threats? This is AMERICA!

Right on the heels of Sony’s announcement that the studio would be scrapping the Christmas Day release of “The Interview,” the film’s controversial climax has surfaced.

The scene features North Korea’s leader, Kim Jung-un (Randall Park), meeting a fiery end as a missile hits his helicopter. As the tyrant perishes from the explosion, the scene is dramatically slowed down to the sounds of Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

As for the fates of Seth Rogen and James Franco, well, that’s still T.B.D. — at least until “The Interview” hits V.O.D.

h/t NY Post

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