Ryan Hollis and Matt Betzold On A Collision Course

Social media has become one of the best sources for information. At any point of any day, one can access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and be exposed to all kinds of current events, future aspirations, or simple personal opinions.

This past week I opened up my Facebook app to learn that Legacy Fighting Championship had signed Matt Betzold. Betzold, who most know as the “one-legged fighter”, fights out of Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha Male. Since signing on to make his debut in Houston at Legacy 39 on February 27th, Betzold has wasted no time calling out a popular Texas fighter in Ryan Hollis. Betzold has used pictures, memes, and phrases such as “Where’s Ryan?” and “Cryin’ Ryan!” to try to get under the skin of Hollis. Hollis, who also recently signed with Legacy, seemed to be turning the other cheek at the trash talking of Betzold, citing his focus on his career in a statement.

“I get a bad reputation win or lose. The odds are stacked in his favor.”

Hollis, along with many others, feel it is unfair that head kicks and knees are not allowed when fighting Betzold due to the fact that he starts as a grounded opponent. Still, Hollis, who has that bad boy attitude, couldn’t sit back and let a fighter try to drag his name through the mud. He has since fired back with pictures and trash talking of his own. The two have since calmed down a bit, and seemingly moved on. However, I can’t help but believe these two will see each other across from the cage one day.

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