Lindsey Marino: “…do these titles mean anything?”

When you agree to fight someone, you expect the process to go by without a problem. You sign the contract, you cut the weight, you weigh-in, you re-hydrate, and then you fight. But, there are times when the process veers off course.

On December 4th, Lindsey Marino was set to face Zoila Frausto for the WBC National Flyweight Title at Tachi Palace. Dennis Warren of WCK Muay Thai, promoted the event.

The entire fight process for Lindsey became messy the day of weigh-ins. According to Lindsey, while at weigh-ins, the promoter informed her that Zoila’s sister, Stephanie, who was also set to fight on the card, was taken to the hospital. They were unsure if Zoila would make it to weigh-ins because she wanted to stay by her sister’s side.

According to Nick Gonzalez, Marino’s trainer, they spoke with the promoter and they had agreed on terms for the fight because of the situation.

“Our terms were to fine her money, make a video so I can see her weight since they couldn’t come, and her coach was pitching a fit about same day weigh in. So we said okay we’ll fight but she can’t be awarded the title if she wins since she missed weigh-ins.”

Zoila Frausto never made it to weigh-ins, but did post a picture of her weight, on a bathroom scale.

Things were not going in Marino’s favor. And though the fight was for at title, the entire situation “deluded the title, it seems less valuable,” according to Marino. 


Lindsey Marino would lose the decision, all while Frausto was still awarded the title. Marino claimed to have felt proud of her performance.

“I thought that I won. I was shocked when they said she won, especially with the damage on her face. She looks like she got beat up, and I didn’t, I felt like I had won.”

The fight took place on an Indian reservation, with no sanctioning body. According to Lindsey, she was told she would get a rematch outside of California.

“I used to think highly of the titles, but now I’m like, do these titles mean anything?”

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