CM Punk Signing: More Good Than Bad

I have tried my best to keep my mind off of the UFC’s signing of Phil Brooks, at least until it all played out in the octagon. That proved to be a lot easier said than done.

Let me back track here, “Who is Phil Brooks?” you may be asking yourself. Phillip Jack Brooks is now a professional mma fighter with a record of zero wins and zero losses, previously a professional wrestler known as CM Punk. By this time, the “hardcore” fan is pulling their hair, screaming “What a joke, this guy has no fights, this is a publicity stunt!” To this I say, you are both right and wrong. Everyone is right to believe this is a power move by the UFC to bring a whole new group of fans to call their cable provider and purchase a PPV. However, this is no joke, nor should any fighter take Brooks lightly.

It is not uncommon for a fighter to not have any pro fights prior to signing with the UFC, it has happened before; though having no amateur fights is new. Punk seemingly trains as hard as the next man, studies BJJ, and keeps himself in shape. The only thing not going in his favor is his “virgin nose” as Nate Diaz so brilliantly put it. I know we all “know” someone who trains every day, has put in countless hours of work, and deserves to be in the big show. This signing just sheds light on the other half of the business, the money making side. If I promote a fight between Ben Askren and Andre Koreshkov, two undefeated fighters, on the same night as CM Punk vs Jason David-Frank, I can all but guarantee the latter’s ratings would be through the roof.

Building your brand should be one of your top goals when thinking of becoming a pro fighter. Chael Sonnen, Connor McGregor, Kimbo Slice and others have or had popular brands, and people just wanted to see them fight. Some proved their worth more than others, and soon, the time will come for Punk to prove his.

Which brings me to my next topic, who should get the first crack at him? With all the nay sayers aside, I honestly feel that pitting “The Green Ranger”, Jason David-Frank against Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, is the right fight to book. It gives Punk a fight against a fighter with a 1-0 pro record, it opens up the doors to two whole new fan bases, and it brings in a ton of money. At the end of the day, a business is set on making as much money as possible, and the UFC is proving why they are the best in the business.

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