Tim Lashley Looking For A War With The “Beautiful” Sage Northcutt

Tim Lashley will be making his professional MMA debut this Friday at Legacy 37. He will be facing former amateur champ Sage Northcutt, who is also making his professional debut. The fight will be at a catch weight of 165 pounds, and other than their weight, these guy have absolutely nothing in common with one other. Seeing these two men from complete opposite sides of the tracks collide in the cage, will be entertaining indeed. I reached out to Tim to see how he felt about his next opponent.

Mark Carrillo: Not only is this your professional debut, it is also the lightest you have ever fought. Why is this a catch weight fight, and what made you decide to turn pro?

Tim Lashley: When I was called and asked to fight, they tried to talk me down to 155 pounds, and that wasn’t going to happen because my lower extremities are pretty huge and heavy. But when they said 165 pounds, I said sure. I guess I have to eat like a rabbit for a little while, but no harm done. I’m going to be a sexy little man come fight night.

Carrillo: Sage is a tough, good looking kid. Amateur champ, body builder, pretty sure he’ll be prom king. What was Tim Lashley like in high school?

Lashley: In high school, I was leader of The Nerd Heard Posse. I was a varsity football player my first three years of high school, but quit my senior year. I was very passive and got picked on a lot, even remember having gum stuck in my hair, but out of the ashes came a man and I’m still here today.

Carrillo: You’re a big underdog in this fight. Does that bother you at all?

Lashley: I’ve been an underdog in every fight that I have fought, but it’s time for the underdog to take over the yard. Not if I win, but when I win, I will buy Sage a big kids’ meal to show him there’s no hard feelings.

Carrillo: Some people are calling this fight “Beauty vs. The Beast”. Are you the beauty or the beast in this matchup?

Lashley: I’m definitely the beast, this kid is beautiful. I dated a girl almost as pretty as him once, she wasn’t a good kisser so I fired her. When I’m finished with Sage, he will be as ugly as me.

Carrillo: I’ve noticed in pictures that Sage is far more tan than you are. Do you see that as an advantage, and can we expect to see a bronze Tim Lashley on fight night?

Lashley: After asking me that, you can comfort me by saying, “No homo.” Yes, he’s tan, it goes with the pretty boy aspect. I firmly believe men are not supposed to be pretty, so no I will not be tan, but I plan on keeping my ugly for this fight. I know Sage is also worried I’m going to mess up his hair.

Carrillo: What weight do you usually walk around?

Lashley: After my last fight, I got back up to 205 pounds. I had some personal things I was going through, and since Sage wouldn’t accept my friend request he couldn’t comfort me, so food did the job.

Carrillo: When was the last time you weighed 165 pounds?

Lashley: Last time I saw 165 pounds on the scale ,was when someone else was weighing in. But honestly, it was the 7th grade.

Carrillo: How’s the weight cut coming? Hate the world yet?

Lashley: The weight cut is going alright. Except when people mention food, I think about earning a life sentence, and I’M HUNGRY.

Carrillo: How do you want to win the fight?

Lashley: I’ll take a win anyway I can honestly. A win against this pretty boy would make me feel a little prettier. As long as my hand is raised at the end of the fight, I could care less. If a fan threw a wiener in the cage and knocked him out to get me a win, its still a win.

Carrillo: Anything you would like to say to Sage before your fight?

Lashley: Sage be prepared. You’re used to fights, this will be a war. You’re used to fighting kids, this time you will be fighting a man. You really should’ve accepted my friend request, this will be anything but a walk through for you. Hopefully, you have a plastic surgeon on speed dial.

Carrillo: Any last words for your fans out there?

Lashley: To the fans, mine and his alike, y’all make this sport what it is. I love and respect each of you, thanks for supporting this great sport.

Carrillo: Who would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

Lashley: Everybody at TCOB MMA, Tatom Insurance, Billy’s Meat Market, and J&J Foundation Repair for the sponsorships. My trainers Juan Torres, Chris “Buffalo” Rose, and Bernard Dixon. My training partners Anthony House, Mark Tatom, Jessica Pell, and Mrs. Caroline. Thanks to everyone who has supported me this far, time to make you guys proud.

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