Andrea Lee Prefers Knockout In Invicta Debut

Andrea Lee (1-0) will make her Invicta FC debut tonight at Invicta 9. She takes on Shannon Sinn (1-1) in a flyweight bout. The Louisiana fighter is a three-time Muay Thai champion, and has a rather large fan following. In her pro MMA debut, she defeated Kim Colbert ten seconds into the fight via doctor stoppage. While throwing a head kick, Colbert tried blocking the kick, and ended up having her finger practically kicked off; it barely hung on by the skin. I spoke with Lee to see how things were going leading up to her Invicta debut, and get the inside scoop from her last fight.

Mark Carrillo: Tell us about your last fight, that has to be the first finger you have ever kicked off of someone’s hand.

Andrea Lee: That was my first finger to amputate and hopefully my last. Nobody wants to win like that.

Carrillo: Where you happy with the result of your last fight or were you upset it only lasted a few seconds?

Lee: I was definitely disappointed, all that hard work and the chance to debut in front of my hometown. What a let down that I didn’t get to really fight.

Carrillo: You are an accomplished muay thai fighter and boxer. Is it safe to say you prefer a fight to stay standing?

Lee: I am a three time muay thai champion and two time North American champ. I’m also a national champion Golden Gloves boxer; but people seem to overlook the fact that I am a highly decorated blue belt under Relson Gracie and a judo brown belt. I also won NAGA World and national championships as a blue belt, and this year won expert and absolute no gi championships several times. I’m comfortable wherever the fights goes, but I do prefer knockouts.

Carrillo: You are set to make your debut tonight against Shannon Sinn. What do you know about her?

Lee: Shannon is a tough and well rounded opponent, I think she’s a perfect opponent to bring out the best in me.

Carrillo: This fight will be broadcast on UFC Fight Pass. Is there any added pressure fighting in front of larger crowds?

Lee: I’ve already fought for two televised promotions in Legacy and Fighter’s Source. Certainly, I feel a lot of pressure to perform well, but I’ve been on the big stage before so I don’t think it will affect me too much.

Carrillo: How is it having your husband as a head coach? I’m not married but from what I’ve been told, the women is always right. Does that transfer over while in the cage.

Lee: It can be tough being married to your coach. I just have to let him be the boss over my training, diet, marketing etc. I know he and I have chemistry not only as a couple but also professional chemistry, but at the house I get to be the boss.

Carrillo: What female fighter would you like to fight the most? Any fighters on this season of The Ultimate Fighter getting under your skin?

Lee: The girls on this season of TUF are all 115 pounders, so I haven’t given them any thought. I am a true flyweight and right now Barb Honchack has the belt. Titles are what I’m after.

Carrillo: What will be your game plan against Sinn?

Lee: My game plan will be to pressure her every second of the round. I want to smother her with volume and keep her on her heels. I’ll out wrestle her in clinch situations, and take her down when I’m ready.

Carrillo: What’s next for you after this fight?

Lee: I will have my pro Muay Thai debut in January, but I’d really like to get on Invicta 10 in December if Shannon and Julie will have me.

Carrillo: Who would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

Lee: I’d really like to thank my sponsors at and Champion Nutrition. Martial Arts Life, Cash Time, Larkin Development, and Classic Stone. Also, of course, my coach Donny Aaron at Karate Mafia MMA and Relson Gracie BJJ, Brent Mason, Jake Dement, James Gray at SFS, and all my myriad of training partners at Karate Mafia.

Watch Invicta 9 tonight on UFC Fight Pass. You can follow Andrea on Twitter @AndreaLeeAaron

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