Video: Guillaume Coudé One Punch KO in Minor League Hockey Fight

As a kid, I was a big fan of Wayne Gretzky. I had his game on Nintendo 64. I would basically turn off off the rules so I could skate and get into fights; I know pretty much nothing about hockey. I’ve been to only one hockey game in my life, it was Houston MMA night at a Houston Aeros game (RIP

Guillaume Coudé’s job is to score goals for the Sorel-Tracy Eperviers but last week he showed that he can bring out his inner hockey goon when he dropped the gloves against Dylan Garrioch of the Cornwall River Kings.

It takes awhile for the two to actually engage, it looked like two kids about to slap box in the lunch room at first, but Coudé made his first hit count.

Check out the one hitter quitter below.

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