Henry Cejudo Talks Missing Weight On The MMA Hour

Henry Cejudo made had his first interview since failing to make weight for his UFC debut. Speaking with Ariel Helwani, he mentioned how sad and depressed he was for getting ill during his weight cut. He felt he was able to make 125 because he has been cutting the weight since high school. Now that he is older, he is aware that he can no longer make that weight.

During the cut, he was experiencing heavy cramping; he reassures it was not from dehydration. It was not his call to pull out, but the officials of the UFC. 

After everything that has taken place, Cejudo stated “I consider myself one of the best weight cutters, probably in the world. I’ve done 14 pounds in an hour and a half.” Cejudo later stated that it was his intake of distilled water that contributed to the failed weight cut.

Dana White has gone on record saying that Cejudo is only welcomed in the UFC at 135-pounds. Cejudo says he will be smarter, and implement science in his cuts. He no longer plans to drain himself with cuts, especially being that he walks in the cage at roughly 155-pounds. When asked if he’s done with 125-pounds, Cejudo says he has to gain the UFC’s trust. Lets see if he can make this weight.

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  • He thinks he could be one of the best in the world at cutting wait. Who in the fuck is he lying too? What happened the other 3 times….

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