Floyd Mayweather: “Not Focused On Clown Stuff”

What better way to start a media call with Floyd Mayweather in regards to his rematch with Marcos Maidana, than discussing the allegations of 50 Cent and his ability to being able to read.  Mayweather stated that he isn’t worried about 50 Cent, wished him the best, and is focused on his rematch with Maidana on September 13th. When asked about the audio that surfaced of him recording a drop for Power 105, he chalked it up to having “a bad day,” and said they could have edited it anyway they wanted. Mayweather said, “I’m not focused on clown stuff, that stuff is for the circus.”

In the first fight, Mayweather felt he dominated the fight, despite earning a split decision. In the second fight, Mayweather stated, “I want a knockout, to look impressive and be exciting.” Prior to the Victor Cruz knockout, it’s been almost seven years since his TKO stoppage of Ricky Hatton. As Floyd is coming to the end of his career, he seems to focus more on the craft of out boxing his opponents rather than looking for the knockout. “He’s going to be extremely dirty and out of control,” stated Mayweather on Maidana. With his high boxing IQ, don’t expect Floyd to get into a slugfest this time around.

One thing that is important and not being discussed much, although this fight is set at 147-pounds, Floyd Mayweather will not only be defending his WBC Welterweight Championship, but he will also be defending his WBC Junior Middleweight Championship (154-pounds) as well. The only other fighter to accomplish the task of defending two division titles in one fight, is Sugar Ray Leonard defeated Donny Lalonde in 1989 for the WBC Light-Heavyweight and Super Middleweight Championships.



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