Henry “Menudo” Cejudo, UFC or WWE?

Not too long ago, the UFC dropped a bomb on everyone by signing former Legacy 130lbs fighter Henry “Menudo” Cejudo. Cejudo is coming off of two unanimous decision victories in Legacy, one over Ryan Hollis (Cejudo did not make weight) and the other over Elias Garcia (didn’t make weight for this one either). He is 6-0 so far in his pro MMA career, most likely because he pulled out of his last two fights. Many were shocked that the UFC scooped up Cejudo. Although he does have an Olympic gold medal on his resume, he hasn’t seemed dedicated as of lately. He has struggled to make weight, and has shown up hours late to weigh-ins. But stranger things have happened; James Toney did fight Randy Couture. Anyways, for whatever reason, it was Cejudo who got signed. And if that wasn’t a big enough bag over the head, punch to the face, “Menudo” was also allegedly in the beginning stages of a deal with the WWE.

In a recent interview with MMAJunkie, Cejudo talked about being sought after by a talent scout that wanted the little meatball to come tryout for the WWE; I don’t believe it. Why the hell would the WWE want Menudo? Can you imagine? Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Brett Hart, The Rock, Jon Cena, and Menudo Cejudo? I’m calling BS on this one. First off, how do we know this guy was a real scout for the WWE? We don’t. He could have been anybody. Hell, I’m a “talent scout” too, depending on which craigslist post of mine you read. I need proof this guy was legit and not a manager at Walgreen’s that scouts in his free time. Second, what the hell would a WWE talent scout see in this little fella? His Greek God physique, or his charismatic and entertaining mic skills? Cejudo has neither. The WWE already has a little leprechaun in Hornswoggle; one is enough. They’re running a billion dollar business, not putting on dog and pony shows in school gyms and dance halls. What kind of character would the script writers of the WWE be able to build with this guy? He’s not scary enough to be an Undertaker, or big enough to be a Jon Cena, and definitely not likable enough to be a Daniel Bryan. His Kevin Arnold from Wonder Years haircut does him no justice, he needs a mohawk and some face piercings. The best bet would be to throw some kind of mask on him and make him a silent character, maybe make him someone else’s sidekick. They could throw him in a leather mask and suit, and wrap a dog collar around his neck; let Goldust walk him around on a leash. He could sneak under the bottom rope while the referee is distracted, and bite people’s ankles. The WWE was able to make a star out of The Miz, who is a former reality TV star, but he at least had a smoking hot bod and a smile that made me weak in the knees. Cejudo would need a lot of work.

In my opinion, he would have ended up in NXT which is like a developmental league for wrestlers before they make the leap to the WWE, and stayed there. You may be able to sell fights and gain fame with your physical ability alone as a fighter, but as a wrestler you have to be the full package. You have to have to look, the skills, and the ability to get a crowd on their feet with your mic skills, and that is just something he doesn’t have. Sticking with MMA was a smart decision Mr. Cejudo, just be sure to keep making smart decisions during your weight cut.

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