Damon Jackson Putting All Featherweights On Notice

Leading up to Legacy 33′s main event, all eyes were on Leonard Garcia in the title fight. After being released by the UFC, Garcia had dominated Legacy’s featherweight division. He made it clear his goal was to return to the big show. Standing in his way was the 25 year old Oklahoma native, Damon “The Leech” Jackson. At 8-0, Jackson was not to be over looked, finishing every one of his opponents and never making it past the second round.

On that night, Jackson was ready to prove he had what it took to be a force in the featherweight division. 93 seconds into the first round, Jackson sunk in an arm triangle and walked out of the cage 9-0; derailing Garcia on his way back to the octagon and paving his own road to greatness. Damon has all the skills to be a champion. His wrestling base is what got him into the sport. “I saw how important wrestling was in MMA,” says Jackson. ” I knew it would give me the upper hand.”

Wrestlers are dominating the sport, using their skills to control the fight wherever it may go, “The Leech” is no different. He uses takedowns, he sticks to his opponents, and then finishes them any way possible. After rolling through one of Legacy’s most seasoned vets, I wanted to know if he felt anyone in the organization was a serious threat to his belt. “Legacy produces some of the best fighters outside of the UFC. No name comes to mind, but there will always be tough opponents,” he said.

An undefeated record and a Legacy title, has been the recipe for some of the UFC’s recent signings. With all arrows pointing up, Damon is ready for anyone, “I want to fight the best guys.” In fact, his favorite fighter and dream fight, happens to be one of the top fighters in the world. “My favorite fighter is Frankie Edgar,” says Jackson. “Even though Frankie has been the guy I look up to, I would love to fight him. No rounds, no time limit, just fight till there is a finish!” No matter what is next, a lot of people will be watching.

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