“The People’s Retard” Is Looking For A Change

Tim Lashley (1-1) is ready to make his return to the cage after taking some time off since his last fight. After suffering defeat for the first time against undefeated fighter, AJ Hoffman, Lashley is ready to rebound at Legacy Amateur Series 17, which takes place in Austin, TX on July 26th. Representing Taking Care Of Business MMA in Trinity, TX, Lashley is set to face Sean Clements (1-1). Lashley is looking to not only get a win, but change the way people think of him as a fighter in his debut in the welterweight division. We caught up with Lashley to discuss his fight, his personal life, and why he calls himself “The People’s Retard”.

Mikethetruth.com: What made you decide you wanted to become a fighter?

Tim Lashley: I’ve always been an athlete and loved sports. I had a friend tell me about an MMA gym. I went, I saw, I loved it and I started fighting.

MTT: You work for the prison system correct? Ever have to use any of your MMA training at work?

TL: I’ve worked for Texas Department of Criminal Justice for almost 10 years now, and yes there have been times in my career where I’ve had to use them. I’ve been grateful for all of my training.

MTT: What is the best thing about being a fighter?

TL: The best thing about being a fighter is the family and friendships I have made while doing this It is also great for health purposes.

MTT: What’s the story with the nickname “The People’s Retard”? Did you come up with this on your own or was it something that was given to you?

TL: I was deemed “Retard Timmy” after Timmy on South Park by Collin Cantrell, I later adjusted the name during an interview with you guys to “The People’s Retard”. I’ve currently been trying to stray away from that name and take a more serious approach, although I love to make fun it’s time to make people take me seriously.

MTT: What’s going through that head of yours in the night of the fight?

TL: Most of all, on the night of my fight I’m thinking, “when this is over I get to party and eat?!” I always say a prayer asking for no injuries to myself or my opponent.

MTT: Ever get scared before a fight? Would you consider having a little fear a good thing or a bad thing?

TL: I fear no man and will step in the cage with anybody. But, I respect the fact that on any given night, the man across from me can end my fighting career. It’s not fear, more respect.

MTT: What do you know about your opponent?

TL: I know my opponent has decided to take a fight with me and that’s all I need to know. It’s his job to make me have a bad night, it’s my job to make him have a bad night.

MTT: How do you predict this fight ending?

TL: I don’t have any predictions on how this fight will end, all I have is the reality that this will be fun.

MTT: Who all would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

TL: I’d like to thank my fans, aka the “putos and putas“. My friends and training partners: Jerrel Ox Winters, Bernard Dixon, and Brad Bell. Thank y’all for this interview. Next time you see me, buy me lunch because I will be hungry!

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