Superior Combative Championships 8 Fight Card (Aug 1, 2014)

Superior Combative Championships returns to the Galveston Convention Center for SCC 8. This card features some amateur veterans such as Fabien Galavez and Jacob Silva, as well as some debut talent.

Come out and support local talent. Get tickets from the fighters.

Fight Card (Subject to Change):

170 Title – Dominique Wiltz (AFMA) vs Fabien Galavez (ACS)

125 Title – Jacob Silva (Quicksilva MMA) vs Daniel Turner (SOL Combat)

125 – Hugo Delafuente (Bushi Ban) vs David Waters (Hubble)

185 – Lincoln Hilton (PMA) vs Robert Ford (TCOB)

155 – Dayron Vasquez (Streamline) vs Nick Ortiz (SOL Combat)

155 – Scott McFerren (PMA) vs Maurice Horn

115 – Nico Daily (Bushi Ban) vs Chase Eastham (PMA)

HW – Rick Gonzalez (Bushi Ban) vs Mario Mancillas (SOL Combat)

215 – Casey Malik (AFMA) vs Jordan Zendejas (SOL Combat)

125 – Christian Lira (Gold Team) vs Hector Renoj (ACS)

145 – Tony Nguyen (4oz) vs Kesler Jones (Local)

170 – Craig Grove (4oz) vs Aristus Woodard (Fusion)

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