Cage Combat 16 Fight Card (Sept. 27, 2014)

September 27 will be a week shy of a year since Garcia Promotions has put on an event. Well, they’re back for Cage Combat 16. With several title fights scheduled, this should be an exciting 15 fight card.

There are some fighters making their debuts, and also several notable names on the card. We get to see veterans such as Manny Lozoya, Kyle Villarreal, Cameron Graves, and Jake Heffernan; that’s just naming a few.

Stay tuned to see how the card shapes up. With all amateur cards, they will change in a heart beat.

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Fight Cars (Subject to Change):

135 Title – Edward Longoria vs. Jake Heffernan (GB Woodlands)

145 Title – Kyle Villarreal (4oz) vs. Cameron Graves (TT/JP MMA)

170 Title – Fabian Galavez (ACS) vs. Tyler Flores (GB Woodlands)

135 – Aaron Pineda vs. Dequette Reed (SLMMA)

155 – Clarence Brown vs. Luke Crawford

155 – Johnny Turner (Bushi Ban) vs Robert Perez (JP MMA/TT)

145 – Nino Villarreal (4oz) vs. Matthew Longoria (Metro)

135 – Josh Rodriguez (4oz) vs. Reshal Malik (Northside MMA)

135 – Jasmine Crawford (CDM) vs. Samantha Harris (TT/JP MMA)

170 – Gustavo Gomez (GB Champions) vs. Josh Huitt (Kingwood MMA)

125 – Christian Lira (APL) vs. Shawn Williams (JP MMA/TT)

185 – Alvaro Hurtado (ACS) vs. Jared Clark

115 – Sijin Kurian (APL) vs. Max Akers (NS MMA)

125 – Tony Nguyen (4oz) vs. Daniel Turner (Sol Combat Club)

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