Video: Could Jon Jones Be Turning Heel?

Jon Jones

Ask a professional wrestler and they will tell you it’s more fun to be a “heel” than a “baby face”. As a heel, you have more freedom with your character, and don’t have to worry about the pressure of messing up your character.

In the sport of mixed martial arts, because it’s real and not scripted, an actual heel may not be the best move for business. But in the case of Jon Jones, a full heel turn may be the best thing for his career. So many people dislike him for various reasons, this may be the perfect opportunity to go full “Hollywood” Hogan.

After beating¬†Alexander Gustafsson, many fans want to see the rematch. But Jones would like to fight Daniel Cormier, a fight he says will be tougher. Jones took to his Instagram to voice his thoughts on the fan’s opinions. He quickly deleted the video, which leads me to believe he isn’t quite ready for the heel turn.

Video courtesy of Bleacher Report

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