Video: Black Man Verbally Attacked By Racist Woman

“If you have hate in your heart, let it out!” Clayton Bigsby

If you had any doubt that racism was alive and well in America, this video should end that. There aren’t many things that surprise me anymore, including this video. We see a white women verbally attacking a black man for starting his car, and allegedly scaring her kids. 

The woman calls this gentleman a nigger repeatedly while she’s apparently calling her husband to come beat this guy up. The highlight of the video is when the guy mentions he’s calling the cops, and she says she has danced for most of them. At least we know her occupation now.

The worst part, all of this is going on in front of the 2 small children. prejudice is a learned behavior. And it’s safe to say that there will be two more racist adults in about 15 years.

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