Reporter asks Dana White How Solange Would Do In MMA

See, this is why we can’t have nice things. Last weekend, UFC president Dana White received the Visionary Award at the 29th annual Sports Spectacular Gala in Los Angeles. When the opportunity came for one reporter from The NY Daily News, out of all the questions he could have asked, he decided to inquire about Solange competing in MMA.

“She could fight. She has got the fire for damn sure,” said White.

White was then asked if she could be champ.

“She would have to train,” explained White. “These girls who fight in the UFC are legit and they are nasty. It is fun to talk about, but the reality would be ugly. The ladies division has taken off, man, and people love to watch the ladies fight.”

If this was anything other than the Sports Spectacular Gala, Uncle Dana would have let this individual have it, and rightfully so. But because of the setting, he kept it respectful. I’m sure Dana was boiling inside of that head of his.

Here’s the Solange attack on Jay-Z video from the elevator… With commentary from Jim Ross.

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