Adrian Yanez Goes Pro: “There’s going to be a lot of face punching.”

Adrian Yanez had a pretty amazing 2013, he won 3 fights, snatched up a championship belt, and became one of the top amateur fighters in Texas. He finished his amateur career with an impressive 6-0 record, finishing his last four opponents by way of TKO. Yanez now looks to take his talent to the professional level. At only 20 years old, Yanez will be making his pro debut March 14th for Savarese Promotions’ Texas City Throwdown at The Charles Doyle Convention Center in Texas City. He will be facing Richard Delfin in a 135lb fight, and is ready for this next level of talent.

Mark Carrillo: How do you feel going into your first professional fight?

Adrian Yanez: I feel awesome! This has been the best training camp yet; I’m just ready to go and fight.

MC: After picking up an amateur belt you came under the media’s radar doing TV and radio interviews. How does it feel to be recognized for doing what you love?

AY: It’s very flattering, but more than anything, a blessing. To get recognized for all the hard work is such an amazing feeling; but honestly I’m at the very beginning of my career and have a lot more to accomplish.

MC: What would you be doing if you weren’t fighting?

AY: If I wasn’t fighting? I don’t see a life without it. I’d probably go into the wielding field. Honestly, I wouldn’t know, fighting has been something I grew up wanting to do. It’s my life, so I couldn’t give you a good answer.

MC: When did you first get into MMA?

AY: I first got into MMA at the age of 15, I knew of the sport but was into boxing. I finally gave in, tried it out, and fell in love with the sport.

MC: Now that you are at the professional level, are there any changes that will be made to how you train for fights?

AY: Just the training sessions are going to be a lot more brutal. I’ve been adding a lot more to my arsenal so I keep evolving in the sport, and keep everybody on their toes.

MC: How much do you know about your opponent Richard Delfin? And what will be your game plan going into the fight?

AY: I know that he is going to be a tough fighter. He’s already 1-0 so I’m extremely excited. I really have no game plan, I’m just going to get in there and fight. No other way to do it, just scrap.

MC: How do you predict this fight going?

AY: There’s going to be a lot of face punching. Maybe a couple of kicks, elbows, and knees. I think it’ll be a scrap. Predictions, my hand raised at the end of a hard fought fight of the night.

MC: How many fights would you like to get into this year?

AY: My goal for this year is to go 4-0.

MC: Anything you would like too say to your opponent?

AY: Nothing really, just get ready for a tough fight.

You can follow Adrian on Twitter @YanezMMA.

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