Rock’s Xtreme Fight Night 6 Recap and Photo Gallery

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Rock’s Extreme Fight Night 6 took place Saturday night in Robstown, TX. This was a hybrid card; with both boxing and muay thai. There were 8 fights total, 5 boxing and 3 muay thai.

For the most part, it was an entertaining night. And like most fights that go to the judges, there were some suspect calls on the scores.

The opening fight put Corpus Christi’s, Paulina Granados, in her boxing debut, against Paola Ortiz out of Houston. This fight was a scrap from the opening bell. Neither woman wanted to back down from their ring control, so they were both were willing to stand in front of one another and trade shots. As the fight progressed, the pace of the fight and shots taken would slow each fighter down. Paulina Granados got the split decision win in this fight (39-37×2, 40-36).

The opening muay thai fight was Audrey Alvarez versus Lindsey Marino. This was a good scrap; Alvarez was clearly the stronger fighter, with the power she was displaying. Marino, on the other hand, was the more technical kickboxer, and it showed. With muay thai rules, the kicks and the clinch knees are what earned Marino a split decision win.

The third fight put 21yo Ernest Reyna against 53yo Luis Mora. The young Thundercat came out and starched Mora in 47 seconds. There was no offence from Mora during the fight; it was all Reyna.

The following boxing match was 17yo Julian Gilden versus Jeremy Mutchler. With over 200 amateur fights, Gilden’s experienced was evident. He dropped Mutchler in the opening few seconds but he was able to beat the count. Moments later the fight was stopped by the ref in the opening round.

Chris Pecero, Legacy Fighting Championship veteran, made his muay thai debut against Dimitre Ivy, also a Legacy vet. Pecero started off strong dictating the pace of the fight, but Ivy was able to land a clinch knee to the nose that opened up Pecero’s face. This would eventually be the cause the fight was stopped. After the second round, the doctor checked the injury and felt he couldn’t continue the fight without causing extensive damage to the nose.

The boxing match between Greg Gutierrez and Wesby James was a one-sided affair. Gutierrez stalked and landed a substantial amount of shots. All James did is attempt a Philly shell defence a la Floyd Mayweather Jr. It didn’t work out too well with him. He constantly was punched in the head and body. There was also holding and taunting; that only earned him more punches to the face. Gregory would cruise to a unanimous decision win.

In the final muay thai fight, Dustin Adams made short work of Armando Herrera. Adams came out aggressive and quickly pushed Herrera into the ropes. Herrera was able to counter, but the power was just too much. The fight was stopped 38 seconds into the fight.

The main event hometown fan favorite, Robert Vela, against San Antonio’s, Daniel Arriaga; this would be Arriaga’s debut. The first three rounds were simply Arriaga moving around the ring, counter punching Vela. Vela would throw punches here and there, but nothing scoring. There were spurts where either fighter would throw a flurry of punches, but more dancing. The fourth round, though, saw more action than the other rounds combined. Vela was being more aggressive than stalking, but Arriaga held his ground. Vela took home the unanimous decision win.

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