Interview With Bebe Laced Before Muay Thai Kingdom 1

This Friday at The Houston Athletic Fencing Center, Muay Thai Kingdom will be putting on the first full Muay Thai fight card to hit Houston in years. Houston’s own Bebe Laced is set to face Jessica Rosuello on Friday night, and I had a chance to speak with her before she gets into the ring in front of her Hometown.

Mark Carrillo: How has your training camp been for this fight?

Bebe Laced: I train all year round so I don’t really have “training camps”. I train hard year round to stay ready to accept any fight my Kru tells me to. My training with Kru Perez consists of one hour bag work and pad work, followed by another hour of drilling, ending with 30 minutes of sparring 5 days a week.

MC: How do you like having an easier weight cut this time around?

BL: I love not having to cut much weight this fight. I honestly don’t think it’s necessary to cut weight for a standup fight. I have fought anywhere from 105 to 118 in Muay Thai. Fighting at 110 this week, I feel really strong.

MC: What changes if any, have you made since your last Muay Thai fight?

BL: Every fight, win or lose, I’ve learned so much from. As an amateur I choose to take on tough opponents, to well prepare me for my pro career. I see so many amateur fighters chasing belts and clean records by fighting “cans”, and I just don’t believe that’s benefiting. With that said my last fight was with a great fighter from Canada where I felt a bit out powered, and so I added more strengthening to my training. Every fight, every camp, I improve. I feel I’ve improved every fight.

MC: How do you like fighting in your hometown as opposed to traveling out of state?

BL: I love being able fight in front of my hometown, to show them what comes of the grueling training they see me put myself through. But every time I’ve fought out of town I’ve had a great time! Being able to explore a new town and represent Houston, TX!

MC: Do you know anything about your opponent?

BL: I feel like I’m fighting a ghost. I know nothing about her at all except she’s from Austin, TX. It’s kind of exciting, not knowing. I’m just going to go in there and do what I do best, fight my heart out and give everyone a great show!

MC: What’s your favorite strike to throw? Punch, kick or knee?

BL: I don’t have one, I love them all! When I serve my first KO, whatever I knock them out with; THAT will be my favorite.

MC: How do you feel the night of a fight?

BL: I’m pretty relaxed fight night. I conserve energy all the way up-to warm up time, then both my coaches are holding me back from rushing the ring.

MC: What fighters do you look up to?

BL: My favorite Muay Thai/K1 fighter is Georgio Petrosyan. He is always the smaller fighter and it never kept him from defeating his opponent. He is faster and more accurate than his opponents.

MC: You train everyday fight or not, and seem to fight as often as you can. When will you ever rest?

BL: I love training, it’s not work to me so no need to rest. My doctor Doc Shawn Mansour always yells at me for being stubborn so now I’ve learned to take time off when my body tells me to. But the thing is I don’t ever hear my body tell me anything though.

MC: What motivates you to fight?

BL: I’ve been on my own since 14, 15 years old. Overcoming so much by myself has made me a very private person. I never talk about my life and my past; fighting is my way of communicating my anger and pain to the world. They don’t know where that girl Bebe comes from and what she’s been through but they do know she fights her HEART out.

MC: Do you and your boyfriend ever argue over which sport is better MMA or Muay Thai?

BL: Haha the funny thing is, Justin may be a phenomenal MMA fighter but he loves Muay Thai! He loves fighting for Legacy FC and if they put on pro Muay Thai show, he would be all over it! He’s been coaching Muay Thai under Kru Perez for the past four fights, and I must say, he is an even better coach.

MC: Who would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

BL: I always thank our Kru Perez first; because even with his family and a 9-5 he spends more time in gym than any of us fighters! I also like to thank my boyfriend Justin Reiswerg for all of his coaching and support. My teammate Alex Chhang, for going through every single training session with me whether he’s fighting or not. Lastly my sponsors: The league, Wu-MMA, fFy925, act testing, and Global Motor Cars. Without them, this struggling athlete wouldn’t be able to do it without their help.

Thank you mark for interviewing me and the rest of the crew for shedding light on your local fighter.

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