Kick Thai Mixed Martial Arts (K-T MMA)… What?

Well, this looks like something that will cater to just about everyone who’s a fan of combat sports. K-T MMA (or Kick Thai Mixed Martial Arts) is a promotion that has hybrid rules, one round is straight muay thai, the second is MMA. It reminds me of Bully Beatdown in a way.

K-T MMA (or Kick Thai Mixed Martial Arts) host their first full show at Porchester Hall in Bayswater, London this weekend, showcasing their hybrid rules format properly for the first time.

Fronted by UK MMA pioneer Lee Hasdell and promoter Tim Izli, the show will have fights that have a modified kickboxing rules first round (‘Kick Thai’), and a ‘Global-style MMA’ round, that includes knees to the head of a grounded opponent.

All rules and information can be found at, but below is a brief description:

The fight format is spread over 2 rounds, with each advancing round the rule set will change and allow for a fighter to use more of their armoury as follows:

Round 1 (“Kick-Thai” Round): 5 minutes under Kick-Thai rules with Boxing Gloves (clean punching, kicking, elbows and knees allowed. No clinching)

· 90 seconds break and glove change

Round 2 (“MMA” Round): 5 minutes under full MMA rules with MMA Gloves (all weapons including clinching and ground fighting come in to play)

· If there is no clear winner after the “Kick-Thai” and “MMA” rounds, fighters will fight an additional 1 minute “Fight Off” under full MMA rules. In case of no KO or Submission, the win will go to the most dominant fighter, as decided by the judges

· If there is no clear winner after the first “Fight Off”, “Fight Off” rounds will continue, with 1 minute break in between each round until a clear winner emerges

This event will feature some notable bouts, including:

Peter Irving v Yusaku Inokue
Tim Thomas v Kurenai Toshiya


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