Up And Comer Garvens Brun Before His First Title Shot

I had a chance to catch up with Kingwood MMA’s, Garvens Brun, before his title fight October 4th at The Humble Civic Center for Garcia Promotions: Cage Combat 15. Brun is a young fighter with plenty of potential that he’ll be headlining the stacked card as he fights for the vacant bantamweight title against Manny Lozoya. Here’s what Brun had to say about his upcoming fight.

Mark Carrillo: I’ve been following you since your first fight, and I’m not surprised to see you fighting for a belt. Did it surprise you when they offered you a title shot?

Garvens Brun: It definitely surprised me a lot because I’ve only had two fights.

MC: Has your training changed at all preparing for a title fight?

GB: My training has just gotten more intense leading up to this next fight.

MC: What kind of game plan can we expect to see out of you for this fight?

GB: You can expect to see a lot of take downs.

MC: If you could go in there and have your perfect fight with Lozoya, how would that fight go?

GB: Simply, me coming out with a win.

MC: You’re still very young for the sport and have a long career ahead of you if you wish. Is going pro something you have already considered or are you content with staying on the amateur scene for a while?

GB: Going pro is something I’ve thought of ever since I started MMA. I definitely want to win this belt, defend it a couple of times, then go pro right after.

MC: After this fight you plan on taking the rest of the year off or getting right back in there to defend your belt?

GB: I plan on taking off at least two or three months, then I’ll get back in the gym for hard training to defend the belt.

MC: What’s going through your mind right before the bell rings? When you and your opponent are staring at each other across the cage waiting for the bell.

GB: What’s going through my mind is staying focused, and not only win but have fun while I’m doing it.

MC: Who would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

GB: The people I would like to thank for my accomplishments, first would be my family, my gym and my friends. I thank them for supporting me through everything. I would also like to thank you for taking time to do this interview.

I’ve said it before, Garvens Brun is a man of few words, but with his skills and potential, who needs to talk?

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