SCC 5: Pasadena’s Salute to the Troops Fight Card (Nov. 8, 2013)

Superior Combative Championships makes it way to the Pasadena Convention center for SCC 5: Pasadena’s Salute to the Troops. There are 15 scheduled fights with several replacements on standby if fights are to fall off (which there usually are, especially with amateur fighters).

This will be the first time SCC has put on a show outside of Galveston, and they are ready to end 2013 with a great card.

Fight Card (Subject to Change):

170 – Travis Moore vs. Chad Box

Edward Longoria vs. Isaac Cruzado

HVY – Jeremy Hardy (Bushi Ban) vs. Jordan Zendejas (Sol)

125 – Angel Zamora (Bushi Ban) vs. Nico Daily

155 – Johnny Gauona (Bushi Ban) vs. David Kelly

205 – Mario Mancillas (Sol) vs. Brad Bell

155 – Jose Solis (Furia) vs. Jonathan Walker (Fusion)

170 – Dominique Wiltz (AFMA) vs. Ion Sorici (Furia)

Maurice Horn vs. Timothy Nations

170 – Jaime Garcia (Bushi Ban) vs. Frank Rodriguez (Gold Team)

Lee McCune vs. Dante Amy-Penney

Miguel Ramirez vs Nick Ortiz (Sol)

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