Cage Combat 14 Interview with Middleweight Title Contender Chris Sutton

I caught up with Garcia Promotions’ middleweight title contender, Chris Sutton, before his title fight this Friday. He will be challenging Trevin Giles for the belt. Sutton is coming off of a 24 second submission victory over Joe Wichard and is eager to bring the belt back to his gym.

Mark Carrillo: First off I wanted to say congrats on the title shot. Is this your first one?

Chris Sutton: Thanks bro..and yes this is my first title shot.

MC: I hear you have a good ground game, you’re coming off a 24 second submission win. Would you say grappling is your strongest aspect of fighting?

CS: Honestly I believe that I have some good ground game although I don’t limit myself to just that. Where ever the fight goes I’m ready.

MC: How long have you been fighting? And why do you chose to fight?

CS: I have been training for about 2 1/2 years although fighting is something I have been doing my whole life. (Just never in a cage.) Fighting is really just what I do.

MC: During your post fight interview after your last fight you said you were suppose to fight Trevin. What happened?

CS: Yeah we were supposed to fight after his victory. I’m not sure what happened other than hearing “he wasn’t ready to give up the belt”.

MC: I also remember you said you lost your sister recently. Will that be a little bit of a motivator for this fight?

CS: My sister played one of the biggest roles in my life. She has everything to do with who I am today. This was the the first mother day with out the woman who raised me. Loosing Shelly (sister) will motivate me in the cage. No question.

MC: If you get that belt you gonna let me take a pic with it on for my Facebook profile pic?

CS: And you know this man! I got you !!! You can wear it around for a while.

MC: Anyone out there you want to thank?

CS: Okay, thanks to Gracie Barra Champions, Gracie Barra Westchase. All my teammates (Kurt, Pat, Terrance, Professor Brian, Professor Andre, Professor Ulpiano, and so many more). I would like to thank my sponsors as well : A Fresh Touch Upholstery, Capital Care Plumbing, 18669nobugs, Bonfire Wings , St Michael’s ER, 6 Day Pet Service, DDA Design, EnduraTec. I would also like to thank my family for supporting me and being there through my journey. Thanks to my wife for sticking by my side and always having my back, I love you. And to You Mark, thanks for the opportunity bro. Look forward to seeing you Friday night, and I’ll be waiting for the profile pic with the belt.

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