“The Killher Bee”…Pre Fight Interview With Bebe Laced

I had a chance to talk with the very talented Bebe “Killher Bee” Laced before her Muay Thai fight this Saturday in Muskogee, OK.

MC: So who is your opponent now? I know it’s changed a couple times recently?
BL: I am now fighting my original opponent, Shahin Khadir from Manitoba Canada; at a catch weight of 115lbs which is 10lbs heavier than our original weight. My opponent has been changed twice and the matchmakers at Striking promotion have done their part and more to make this fight happen for me. It’s a shame that fighters sometimes make it hard to do so.
MC: Traveling to Oklahoma to fight. Is it that hard to find Muay Thai fights in Texas?
BL: It’s been hard for promotions like Legacy to find me an opponent although they have tried. Traveling is just something I have to do in order to stay active as a fighter. I enjoy the adventures but I’d love to fight at home where my friends, family, & fans can come out and support.
MC: What attracted you to Muay Thai?
BL: I’m in love with the art of Muay Thai and the culture. Muay Thai is a test of will and heart.
MC: How long have you been training now?
BL: I have been training for approximately a year and a half now. My coaches have said that my one year is equivalent to another person’s 3 years of training because I’m at the gym from open to close. I pretty much don’t have a life besides the gym, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
MC: You plan on making an MMA debut in 2014?
BL: Yes, I am very excited to break into the MMA world. I will be making my debut by the end of 2013, so stay tuned.
MC: How has dealing with catchweights and changes of opponents affected your training?
BL: My ideal weight to fight at is 105 lbs, but because it’s so hard for me to find fights at that weight, I’ve had to accept fights from 105 to 115. I will be fighting April 6 at 115 lbs. It’s pretty stressful to diet down then have to gain weight again. It doesn’t affect my training because I like to train year round; ready to fight anytime. I do this for the love of the sport, I just want to fight.
MC: How many more Muay Thai fights can we expect from you before you turn to MMA?
BL: I have three more Muay Thai fights lined up this summer and two title shots, and then I plan on making my debut in MMA. After my debut I plan to keep active in both MMA and Muay Thai.
MC: Anyone out there you want to thank before we wrap this up?
BL: So many people to thank! I want to thank MikeTheTruth.com for this interview. I would like to thank my 4oz team and coaches, and a special thanks to Kru Bobby Perez for committing so much time with us even with a full time job and family. I would like to thank my family and friends for their support. I would also like to thank all my sponsors!! TEAM KILLHER BEE! 2014 will be OUR YEAR! Follow me on Twitter @BebeLaced.

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