Taylor “No Mercy” Stratford: Beauty and a Beast

For those of you who do not know Taylor Stratford, you will soon. She’s produced a 9-1 MMA record thus far with her only loss being to Ronda Rousey. The two-time amateur champion will be facing off in her pro-debut for Championship Fighting Alliance. I was lucky enough to get an interview with this up and comer and figure out how this beauty got the nickname “No Mercy”.

MC: So tell the fans of MikeTheTruth.com a little about yourself. How old are you? Where do you train out of? Why do you fight?
TS: Well I’m 21 years old and I currently train out of The House of RYU in Las Vegas. I fight because I love to fight. Everything about this sport from the pain, to the sweat and blood and tears, and the winnings. I love it all!
MC: You are a very aggressive fighter. Your only loss has been to current UFC Champ Ronda Rousey. Can we plan on seeing you in the UFC for a rematch?
TS: I would hope so! I love Ronda, she’s obviously awesome and she gives me shout outs too. I support her in all of her fights, but of course I want that rematch. She’s my only loss, and one day I hope to get it.

MC: You remind me of how I would like to fight when I’m driving in 5 o’clock traffic. Is your gameplan always to finish?
TS: My gameplan is, I never really have one. I just go out doing what I know I can do and then see where the fight goes from there, but I do love to have finishes too.
MC: What’s better? A submission win or a KO?
TS: I think a KO is more interesting to a crowd, but I think it was Ronda who said something similar to “Everyone loves to see someone get the KO finish time and time again, but as soon as someone gets a submission finish again and again they’re a one pony trick.” I agree with her but whichever finishes the fight is the best though.
MC: What are your ultimate goals in life? How long can we expect to see you fighting?
TS: I want to be involved in MMA forever. As long as my body allows me to continue fighting I will. I think owning a gym or coaching is another goal down the line too.
MC: I’ve seen pictures of you outside the cage, and I’ll tell you. I’d give up red meat for a month just for a peck on the cheek from you. How do you make the transition from “beauty” to “beast” when you step inside the cage?
TS: Haha awe thanks! I think it’s good for me to keep the lines between me being a fighter, and me keeping myself girly. I like to be the girly and wear makeup, do my hair, and dress up. It never hurts to be able to attract a wider fan base by doing so too.
MC: As an icebreaker, I recently walked up to a group of women and asked, “Which one of y’all do you think is the heaviest?” didn’t go too well. Any advice for the guys out there on how they can get a badass girl like yourself?
TS: I wouldn’t think that would go to well……but I honestly have no idea. I feel like I don’t get hit on really, and when I do I’m more in shock and look like an idiot so they lose interest. Every time, yet another reason why I’m single. Lol. (No actual proof if she indeed was laughing out loud or just being nice)
MC: You’ve got a fight coming up March 2nd. Tell us, who you will be fighting? What will be your gameplan?
TS: I do, it will be my professional debut for Championship Fighting Alliance in Miami, FL. I am fighting Allanna Jones, and my gameplan is to win. Simple as that.
MC: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview, and all of us here at MikeTheTruth.com will be supporting you March 2nd. Anyone out there you would like to thank or give a shout out to?
TS: I’d just like to thank anyone who has supported and believed in me. I think I’ve been through a lot over the last year from injuries, to relocating, and I’m ready to prove I never left the fight game. My family, any coaches who have helped and supported me, my awesome sponsors, and my friends/fans too. Just thank you and I love you all, and thank you to my manager and to CFA for this opportunity; I will not let anyone down. And thank you guys for this interview!! Oh, and I’d like to give a shout out to anyone hoping I’ll lose, I plan to let y’all down.

Expect big things from Taylor, she’s a force to be reckoned with! Follow Taylor on Twitter @TayStratford.

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