Interview with Patrick Choi Before His Amateur Debut At CDM Promotions

I caught up with Patrick Choi of Windy Sport and Fitness, before his amateur MMA debut this Saturday night at the Brazos Center brought to you by CDM Promotions and RDM Audio. Since this is Patrick’s first fight some of you may not know much about him but trust me, this little guy ain’t no punk. He’s scared of no one and comes at you like chupacabra.

MC: How do you feel making you amateur debut this Saturday?
PC: I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I have been wanting to fight for some time now, and I’m glad that I got the chance to get in there.
MC: Who is your opponent and what is your game plan going into the fight?
PC: I am fighting Mark Ibarra. All I know about him is that he is also making his debut, and he trains at Silverback MMA. And because I have never seen him fight, my game plan is to be adaptable, and see where the fight goes.
MC: How long have you been training? What is it about MMA that interest you?
PC: I got into MMA about four years ago. I started with Krav (where I met Bobby Powers), then I tried out BJJ and I kept doing it because I kept getting tapped out. After that, I was intrigued by the stand up game and finally started to train MMA. What interests me in MMA is the fact that it is mixed combat sport. I have to work both on my striking as well as my grappling, and to me, it feels like a very intense and physical chess game (and you can improve your chess pieces compared to your opponent’s based on how hard you have trained).
MC: Your first fight, friends and family will be in attendance, you will be in your hometown. Feel any extra pressure?
PC: A little bit. But, since it is my first fight (and I have nothing to live up to), I’m just going to go in there and test out my skills and hopefully get the W.
MC: Can you still wear clothes from the kid’s department?
PC: No lol. But I can buy kids size shoes (which saves me quite a bit of money so I’m not complaining).
MC: Please tell everyone how great I am at the gym since you have the luxury of training with me every day.
PC: I can only wish for your skills, makes me cry a little bit inside in shame every time I see you workout.
MC: Anyone out there you want to thank?
PC: I would especially thank my parents for dealing with my problems, my brother for being the greatest mentor in my life, and also Jermaine [Anugwom] and Bobby [Powers] for giving me this chance and training me. Oh, and thank you Mark Carrillo for this interview.

Well thank you Pat for taking time to do this interview with me. We will all be rooting for you Saturday in your debut. Good luck warrior.

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