Interview With James Deherrera Before His CDM Fight

If you’re a fan of Texas MMA and you haven’t heard of James Deherrera, you need to watch a little closer. He’s one of the most exciting, hard hitting amateurs on the scene and is looking to turn pro very soon; but not until he avenges a loss he feels should never had been on his record. Deherrera loss to his opponent, current EAC Flyweight Champion Jacob “Lil Animal” Silva out of the Silverback, in a fight he feels was stopped early. This fight will be the Main Event this Saturday in Bryan/College Station for the Elite Amateur Combat 5, and is expected to be very exciting, with both fighters having a little beef, but retain respect for each other. I’m sure both fighters are expecting a great fight. I had to chance to interview the contender James Deherrera before this fight, and this is what he had to say about it.

MC: How’s training been going for this fight? I understand you have been training here in College Station and the Dallas area as well?
JD: Well I’m ready to fight I know that, and training has been really good I’m improving a lot on my ground and kicks. My coach in Dallas is very good at training me and telling me what I need to work on and my coaches in College Station take good care of me and get me ready to fight. I am very blessed to have them all.
MC: So what can we expect from you in this fight? I know you like to throw hands; is it going to be a stand-up fight?
JD: This fight can go standing up or on the ground, I really don’t care I’m ready for whatever.
MC: You feel any added pressure being that you lost to Jacob Silva in the past?
JD: There is no pressure for this fight, even though the referee stopped the fight to soon the first time. I don’t think of it as a loss even though I can’t change what happened, I’m going to be happy to fight Jacob again.
MC: I hear rumors of you may be turning pro after this fight. Is that true? Where can we expect to see you if you do go pro?
JD: This will be my last fight as an amateur, and you can see me fighting on MTV maybe if everything goes as planned or whatever makes me good money. Lol.
MC: You’ve been boxing all your life; you have been working your Muay Thai and BJJ at Windy Sport and fitness. How much better of a fighter do you feel you are now than you were a year ago when you lost to Silva?
JD: Well I feel like I got so much better as a fighter and I’m like 10 times better on my ground and Muay Thai than I was last year.
MC: Is there any way that I can wear the championship belt out for one night if you when?
JD: If I win I’ll let you wear the belt for like a little bit. Lol.
MC: You’re an exciting fighter every time you go out, I can’t wait to see you in action this Saturday at The Brazos Center. (Doors open at 5) Is there anyone out there you want to thank?
JD: Yeah, first I want to thank God for giving me this gift and I want to thank all my coaches for training me and being a big part of my life. Like I said I’m truly blessed and thank you Mark Carrillo for interview. It’s going down in the B.C.S,…..u can bet that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Luck James. Stay classy College Station.

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