Calling All Grapplers!! Tournament of Champions 11

The World Grappling Circuit is putting on their “Tournament of Champions 11” January 19th in Spring, TX at the Competitive Edge Sports Center. It’s $40 for early registration and $50 if you are a procrastinator like me, and don’t try showing up the day of to register. They’ll be choking out people at the door that do. If you want to come watch this luche libre, or any of the other many grapplers that will be in attendance there is a $10 cover at the door, but it is definitely worth it.  You heard me right, I’m registering for the “Tournament of Champions 11” so feel free to get between 155-169.9 lbs and come take out any aggression you may have towards me. Be aware though, I have pug-like reflexes and once rear-naked choked a grizzly bear over the last piece of a pizza.  For more information on the tournament visit the website. Hope to see you there.

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