Does Pre-Fight Sex Matter?

Ever since female fighter Rhonda Rousey was questioned as to whether or not she participated in pre-fight sex, it has been a hot topic in the MMA world (at least in my MMA world). So I decided to take some time off work, clear all my appointments, and cancel visiting family for Christmas this year to dig deep into this subject to find out once and for all, does pre-fight sex matter? I am not just a nobody either; I made a C in oceanography class and made it through a half semester of biology as well. I spent hours searching “sex” on Google only, to find myself extremely preoccupied learning all about the Kama Sutra. So I decided to turn to Facebook to find out if any of my fighter friends would be willing to discuss this subject one-on-one with me; since I have zero experience as a fighter and only 1-2 sexual experiences a decade. Luckily, my friends were swift to respond to my questions as long as I agreed to keep their names out of the article.

As I began my investigative journey into the realm of pre-fight sex, I found that most male fighters decline having sexual relations up to weeks before their impending fight. Some refuse to even see their significant other until after their fight. MMA fighter and owner of Windy Sport gym, Jermaine Anugwom, disclosed to me that he believes in “no sex 2 weeks before the fight… As Kru Ali would say “”No SEX MAN!!””. This is done, of course, because of the unproven account that refraining from the”ol’ in and out” increases your testosterone before a fight.The question remains, does refraining from sex really boost testosterone?  Other male fighters disagree, saying that it has been scientifically proven that sex actually raises testosterone in both males and females. They are “shaggin” up every chance they get before fight time. Several of them enjoy pre-fight sex, but I couldn’t just obtain a males’ perspective. I had to do the dirty work and ask female fighters about their pre-fight sexual routines.

After contacting many female fighters via Facebook, I received only two responses (thanks ladies) and one restraining order. One of the female fighters responded back, “Personally I don’t have sex three weeks out.” She feels that sex is a way to releases built up aggression and strives to retain all of her inner aggression until fight time. The second female responded that she felt there was “no difference”. She added the only problem regarding pre-fight sex for females is that they “don’t want to show up to the weigh-ins pregnant”.

So, after all of my extensive research and the help of a microscope, I finally discovered the truth. The answer many in the MMA world have wanted to know: Does pre-fight sex matter?  As I sit here staring at my laptop in my white lab coat and safety goggles, I have determined one thing that is certain on the debate between whether or not pre-fight sex is helpful or hurtful. It is helpful if you are “in the mood” and harmful if you are a sex addict. Thank you very much.

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