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Every few weeks, MikeTheTruth.com will profile a young lady who is making a mark in the world that revolves around her. This could be in modeling, entertainment or any other professional industry.

Age: 22
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Place of Birth: (Current Residence:) Houston, TX
Height: 5’0″
Measurements: 36-25-30

Favorite Sports: Football & MMA
Profession: Model/Bartender/Mixed Martial Artist

For Bee, MMA is definitely a passion and priority. She trains 5 hours a day hoping to one day be a world champion. Bee is also a published model. She’s been modeling since the age of 16. Being encompassed in the modeling industry, Bee has evolved into a makeup artist/hairstylist and director for photo-shoots and video-shoots. She loves creative expression and is a fitness junkie. A quote from Bruce Lee that Bee lives by, “express yourself honestly”.

You can Follow Bee on Twitter @bebelaced.

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