Mike “The Truth” Beauty – Viantha Foxx

Each month, MikeTheTruth.com will profile a young lady who is making a mark in the world that revolves around her. This could be in modeling, entertainment or any other professional industry.

Age: 27
Ethnicity: Cambodian and Thai
Place of Birth: Thailand (Current Residence: Houston, TX)
Height: 5’0

Favorite Sport(s): Basketball, Soccer and Boxing
Profession: Hairstylist/Model

Viantha is an upcoming model. She was a Maxim Hometown Hottie in 2010. She is a DynastySeries and future Show Magazine Web Exclusive model. Viantha has been featured in music videos including Slim Thug, Marcus Manchild to name a few. There will be many more in the very near future. She’s a very hard working and driven person and sees herself being a successful model and business woman in hopes to have a brand one day.

You can Follow Viantha on Twitter @RealVianthaFoxx. Make sure to check out her website, VianthaFoxx.com.


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