Video: Tommy the “Truth” Thompson Direct Tv Ad

I normally skip through commercials because of my DVR, but i was told about this Direct TV commercial that bared the name of yours truly. You know I had to find it. Well after I found the video on Direct TV’s YouTube channel, I watched over and over again.

Well a few days later I went to back to watch and it had been taken down. What had happened? Well apparently there had been an outrage over the commercial. It was deemed racist, reverse racist, and some other terms that I don’t agree with. I remember reading some of the comments at first and saw they were really negative. I assumed it was from people who were over sensitive and just wanted to complain about something.

Well it seems that was indeed the case overly sensitive people caused Direct TV to remove arguably may favorite commercial of ALL TIME from YouTube. That’s okay though, the ad is still shown on TV and I have located the video online.

So if you haven’t seen the commercial or want to watch it again and again, here you go!

7 replies on “Video: Tommy the “Truth” Thompson Direct Tv Ad”

  • Simply love the commercial and it’s humor. Focuses on Direct TV, and was staged beautifully. That’s the truth, Truth.

  • this commercial is still running in its entirety as of last night (7/14/11). I don’t mind the first part but a little kid deliberately hitting an elderly man and the other adults smiling/laughing is totally inappropriate and offensive.

  • I think this commercial encourages bad grammar. I change the channel every time it comes on. Horrible !!!!

  • I watched the commercial and I think I’m indifferent about it but I know DIRECTV service isn’t bad at all but I don’t think customers are getting the best value for the least amount of money possible. I’ve recently made the decision to move out on my own for the very first time soon and I need to keep my bills low, but still keep the highest value. I currently have DISH Network service through my employee account at my mother’s house and I don’t have any complaints about it but, I just thought it’d be a good idea to look into the other companies. I came across this site, and it outlines the major companies from what their fees are and how their customer service is ranked. I love it and I know when I move to Baton Rouge, LA that DISH Network is coming with me!

  • Glad it was taken down. Would love to see a bunch of whites treat there black server like that. Then punch him in the gut. You all play the race card, so can we.

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