Garcia Promotions: Cage Combat 4 Fight Card – July 1, 2011

This is courtesy of Eric Garcia of Garcia Promotions. ANOTHER card is coming to the Humble Civic Center July 1, 2011. The cards keep getting better and better. You can check out that Cage Combat 3 blog here. And you know, I’ll be at this show blogging! So stay tuned. Fight Card

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UPDATED 6-29-11: Final Card Released
UPDATED 6-22-11: Updated fight card; Chris Lopez injured his knee while training and will not be able to fight.

Fight Card:

125lb Title – Manny Lozoya (Bushi Ban) vs. Jacob Silva (Silverback MMA)

145lbs Andrew Musquiz (Team Tooke) vs. David Armas (Silverback MMA)

180lbs Levi West (Team Tooke) vs. Eric Thompson (Silverback MMA)

160lbs – Ryan Rivera (Team Bailout) vs. Drew Elder (Kingwood MMA)

155lbs – Will Papp (Kingwood MMA) vs. John Rodriguez (Silverback MMA)

155lbs – Daniel Everitt (BVMMA) vs. Nathan Flack (Team Bailout)

135lbs – Randy McCullough (Team Bailout) vs. Tony Orozco Jr. (Silverback MMA)

135lbs – Carlos Jimenez (4 oz) vs.Ricardo Delgado (Paradigm)

155lbs – Joel Haesacke vs. James Gonzales (Silverback MMA)

185lbs – Charley Witbeck (4 oz) vs. Zack Scalf (Team Bailout)

155lbs – Efrain Martinez (Pound 4 Pound) vs. Jeremy Hunter (Kingwood MMA)

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