TUF 13 Coaches Announced: Brock Lesnar & Junior Dos Santos

Ok, so today we found out that Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos will be the coaches on the upcoming season fo TUF 13. I know that 99.9% of the population are pretty pissed that Brock Lesnar will be coaching. I know there are guys saying that other fighters should be coaching, Brock is scared of Frank Mir, Brock needs coaching himself, etc. The fact of the matter is this, it makes perfect business sense. No matter how much you don’t like Brock, he is a draw and brings in the fans (Draw=$$$). I’ve said this before, Brock Lesnar is a very special case when it comes to the UFC, or MMA in general. This guy brings in money, so he is required to get paid a lot of money. You can’t bring in a guyof his caliber (star power, not fighter) and expect him to get paid $10,000 or whatever. He would dumb to take that kind of money; and if any of you were in his shoes you would do the same. Now, when you have to pay someone that kind of money, You have to put him against top level talent (ie. Frank Mir, Randy Couture,Cain Velasquez). With all that being said, it only makes sense to put him in the cage with another big name fighter regardless of what his last fight showed; now we bring in Junior Dos Santos. I mean, who would Dana bring in? Cheick Kongo?

Now that I’ve said my piece, let’s get ready for an entertaining season of TUF

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