It’s Official May 7th in Vegas Manny Pacquiao vs. Sugar Shane Mosley

Well it was only a matter of time. Manny Pacquiao will be fighting Sugar Shane Mosley. Now Bob Arum had 3 choices, Shane Mosley, Andre Berto & Juan Manuel Marquez. The most money and what I feel was the easiest fight would be Shane. With Berto, it would have been the lest amount of money because Berto is as well known name as the other two fighters, and Marquez has already beaten Pac-Man, but at a lower weight. I think at the larger weight class Manny would win an easy decision over Marquez unlike the past fights wich were “contoversial”.

After Shane’s previous fights, we all know how this fight is going to go. Lets just hope Mayweather can get his personal life together so we can see that fight. Then after its all said and done, they can both retire after the biggest fight in the history of boxing.

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