Don’t Be a Dos Equis Dude..Control Your Thirst

Written by Robert Littal of and

The male DNA is that of a hunter.

Our natural instinct when we see a woman (especially a pretty one) is to pounce. We are like coyotes and women are Deer.

Go to any club in the world and you will see a pack of men (coyotes) stationed on the wall or at the bar scanning for women (the deer) and when they see one or a group walk pass they jump on them like wild beasts.
It is our natural instinct.

In a lot of ways we are like Vampires the thirst for women is like their thirst for blood, but to fit into society and not be seen as savages will have to contain our thirst.

We need to become:


A wise man told me once told me the following:

“When you aren’t hungry women will try to feed you, but when you are starving they will just give you enough to keep you coming back to the table.”

I was 17 then and had no clue what the hell he was talking about, but I do now.

No one likes a person that begs.

This all ties into the bathwatersluping and moistness we have talked about before. As a lady friend of mine told me once men shouldn’t be “pressed”.

■Grown men shouldn’t be impressed by a naked picture.
■Grown men shouldn’t text someone 20 times a day when they haven’t got a reply.
■Grown men shouldn’t beg someone to follow them on Twitter.
■Grown men shouldn’t poke women on Facebook.
■Grown men shouldn’t have to “arm grab” at the club.
■Grown men shouldn’t have to beg for sex.

You have to control your thirst gentlemen.

Women love to take pics, but you will never get a picture, video, web cam session and etc if you are acting like Pee Wee Herman in the movie theater any time she sends you something.

In the immortal words of a sports personality I can’t remember right now:

“Act like you been there before.”

Eddie Murphy explained it perfectly back in 1987.

If you give a starving man a cracker he is going to think that is the best cracker of all time and will start begging for more.

Women are feeding you crackers and you are acting like it is steak.

Are you following me let me repeat that:


There is no need for any man to be that “thirsty”.

It is 2010 where if you are a man with a job, a dodge stratus and PF Chang coupon you are in high demand. You should be eating at the female buffet but instead you are on the corner with a:


You are thirsty because it is100 degrees outside and you are chasing women who don’t want to be caught. It is like a woman’s ass is a magnet and your legs are made of steel.

Slow down a bit, calm yourself, control your thirst and before you know it ladies will be bringing you this:


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