Manny Pacquiao to Fight Antonio Margarito on November 13th in Vegas or Mexico

Written by Robert Littal of

Put aside for a minute your feelings about Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Trust me I am not pleased with Floyd’s decision not to fight Manny this year.  Even if Bob Arum was blowing a lot of smoke with his fake deadlines and shady lies I truly believe that if Floyd wanted to fight Pacquiao on the November 13th the fight would have gotten done.

But that is another article for another day.

Right now lets talk about how Bob Arum is making a bad situation even worse.

Once Mayweather declined the fight and Arum was dead set on putting Pacquiao back in the ring in November, there were plenty of worthy challengers.

Paul Williams

Sergio Martinez

Tim Bradley

Devon Alexander

Alfredo Angulo

That is just five legit contenders I named off the top of my head, but who does Arum decide to put Pacquiao in the ring with?

Antonio Margarito.

Margarito is not even licensed in the US because of trying to wrap his hands with concrete before fighting Shane Mosley.  The same Margarito who was destroyed by Shane Mosley.  The same Margarito whose one fight since then was a bore against a no name opponent.

Arum says that Pacquiao can’t fight the real contenders because they don’t bring any money to the table.

But Arum put Pacquiao in the ring with Joshua Clottey who was only known to hard core boxing fans.  Paul Williams might not be a big draw but he is a 10x bigger draw Clottey, same goes for any of the other “real” contenders.

The real reason why Pacquiao last three fights (Cotto, Clottey & Margarito) are with people that he shouldn’t have been in the ring with (when he fought Cotto the welterweight champion at the time was Mosley and Arum wanted no part of him) is simple.

They are all Top Rank fighters and who owns Top Rank?

Bob Arum.

People want to know why many people say Boxing is dead, this is the exact reason why.  Pacquiao can’t make Floyd Mayweather fight him, but he can make the best fights, but instead he is giving a cheater who could have murdered someone in a ring his biggest payday ever.

I guess the saying is true there is no honor among thieves.

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